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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands



The first few years of life is where critical development occurs. Every experience, whether it be touch, smell, hearing, sight, or taste is quickly absorbed and plays a role in a child's development. At Sunny Side Tots, we believe that children learn best through their experiences in an environment where they feel secure. As a childcare provider, my goal is to provide a high quality, safe, warm, nurturing, and loving environment for children to explore the world and themselves during their critical time of development. Through observation and our relationships with each child, we will be able to see what children's interests are and provide opportunities to expand on their interests and development. 

Health & Safety

Health and safety is very important to us especially with COVID. Every morning when children arrive, temperatures will be taken and hands are washed before children play. Hand washing is integrated into our daily routine to promote healthy hygiene practices. All staff and children over the age of two will wear masks. Cleaning and disinfecting of toys, surfaces, and flooring are done daily. 

Healthy nutritious meals are served for lunch and dinner along with an AM snack. 

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