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Dedicated & Certified

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Jennifer Fang

Director/Lead Teacher

I graduated from Syracuse University's Whitman School of Management in 2015 with a BA in Marketing and realized after graduation that marketing is something that I am not passionate about. I took some time after graduation to figure out what career path I wanted to take. During that time, my mom had a major operation and was bed-ridden for a few months so she asked me to work at her daycare while she was in recovery. In highschool, I worked with elementary aged children every summer as a summer school teacher/leader and was comfortable around the children at her childcare since I often played with them after school, so I agreed. I loved reading stories to the children, having silly conversations, and pretending to eat the food they "cooked" for me. Every day was filled with laughter and I was excited to see the kids every morning. That was not how I felt about other jobs I've had and I realized that I wanted to work with young children. After my mom's recovery, I started taking early childhood education(ECE) courses at San Francisco City College while working part-time in a pop-up shop. After the shop closed, I started working with a childcare temp agency to gain more experience in working with young children. I worked with many different programs (headstart, nonprofits serving low-income communities, private centers) and gained a lot of valuable experience. It also helped that I was taking ece courses while working because I was able to understand why children may be exhibiting certain behaviors and apply the skills I learned to help the children. I started seriously working towards a career in ECE in 2017 and after 40+ credits and 2 years of experience, I finally have the opportunity to start my own business!  

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